Wireless Fire Alarm

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, wireless fire alarm systems are changing the life safety landscape.

With advancements in technology, wireless fire alarm systems have become widely accepted in most jurisdictions. These systems may be completely wireless or utilize wireless and conventional technologies, and they offer many advantages over conventional alarms, including versatility. We, at Alarm Tech Solutions, are proud to partner with CSWI, the only UL listed fully wireless fire alarm solution available today.

Wireless fire alarms and hybrid systems are frequently used in buildings where wiring a new standard system is impractical.  Historic sites, hotels, religious venues, and industrial facilities are just a few examples where a wireless solution may the best option. Installing wireless fire alarms or updating an old wired system to wireless is an initial investment with long term benefits. We work with building owners to design a system that meets the needs of the property while remaining cost-effective.

Utilizing their proprietary technology, CWSI is now able to offer both stand-alone wireless addressable CO detection, as well as fully wireless 520 Hz sounders, opening the door to minimally invasive, extremely cost effective system upgrades to meet the new notification requirements taking effect across the nation.  National hospitality partners include the Marriott Corporation and the Best Western Hotel chain. 

Designing and installing a wireless fire alarm system requires a very different methodology, and this is an area of expertise for Alarm Tech Solutions.  Our experts and technicians are factory trained in the latest practices, and will visit a property to do a full site survey prior to proposing the use of a wireless system.  In doing this, building owners can be sure that the system will meet their expectations once installed. 

Alarm Tech Solutions is committed to providing the top wireless fire alarm products in the industry. We stand behind our products for their proven quality and reliability.  Call today to learn more about the systems we offer!

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