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Fire. Nothing can change lives, your business, or your property as quickly as a fire.

Even a small fire can cause business interruptions costing you thousands of dollars, or more in time, and lost customers.  How long can your business be down? What is your equipment worth?  These are questions you don't need to answer on your own. Let Alarm Tech Solutions plan a Fire and Life Safety Protection solution for your facility.

Alarm Tech Solutions offers a number of types of clean agent systems to meet the protection needs of your specific hazard. Our engineering team is ready to design your system, while our trained installation team is ready to install your system on budget and on time. We also offer the ability to keep your system ready to protect your business with our service and maintenance inspections.

Alarm Tech Solutions is a proud distributor of Amerex fire extinguishers, as well as fire extinguisher cabinets and accessories. A properly selected and maintained fire extinguisher can save lives and property. Keep your first line of defense against fire capable, current, and in working order with our portable extinguisher service and maintenance. Our trained staff can maintain your equipment and assess your site for your fire protection needs. We offer mobile service vehicles, able to repair and recharge your portable devices at your location, and a DOT certified hydrostatic testing facility for pressure testing. Annual, monthly, or all-inclusive service contracts are available.

In a fire, time is your enemy. Make sure that your employees have the skills necessary to take action should a fire occur at your facility. Alarm Tech Solutions offers safe fire extinguisher training at your location using a state-of-the-art simulator. With our BullEx portable electronic training equipment, we are not affected by weather, and can teach as many as 25 employees per class. Upon completion of training, your staff will have met the OSHA guidelines for fire extinguisher training, and will receive a personalized certificate.

Emergency and Exit Lights provide an illuminated pathway for occupants to designated exits in an emergency or power outage. Let Alarm Tech Solutions protect your business and your customers. We offer monthly and annual inspections, full service, and a full line of emergency lighting products, new devices and replacement parts. Call today for details.


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