A reliable fire sprinkler system is one of the most important aspects of a safe environment in a commercial building.

Sprinkler systems require knowledgeable experts who understand the product and are trained to efficiently install and maintain the performance of this type of life safety system. Our Alarm Tech Solutions technicians display a level of knowledge unparalleled by industry competitors.

A quality sprinkler system adds value to any building. Owners and managers need assurance of dependable technology, and Alarm Tech Solutions provides a level of expertise not found elsewhere in the industry. Providing a safe infrastructure for residents and workers is a necessity. 

The codes and standards for sprinkler systems are complex and confusing to the untrained eye. Alarm Tech Solutions provides advice and recommendations on the best products to help your building stay on track with the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) regulations.

Alarm Tech Solutions is equipped to perform a wide range of fire sprinkler contracting projects. A team of experienced technicians will assess a buildings needs and discuss with the owner or manager the best product options for appropiate protection. Large contracting jobs often seem like an significant investment, but Alarm Tech Solutions will partner with building owners to find the most cost-effective solutions.

Our team is also available to modify a sprinkler system. Older buildings needing updates or improvements can benefit from Alarm Tech Solutions services.

One-on-one personalized customer care has earned Alarm Tech Solutions a dependable reputation in the life safety industry. Since the company began in 1996, our technicians have been trained to take a personal approach in all areas of the business. With large investments like sprinkler systems, this method enables Alarm Tech Solutions to play a unique role in this type of life safety system.

We make sure to impress customers with our outstanding sprinkler services and solutions. Call today to experience the difference.

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