Services Overview

Alarm Tech Solutions is recognized throughout the region as a premier service provider for a multitude of life safety systems.

We are equipped to provide service for fire alarm systems, nurse call systems, sprinkler systems, and suppression systems, as well as offering a full range of testing and inspection services. In each department, we offer the most reliable technology to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term protection of your investment.

Testing and inspection will help extend the life of any building’s systems.  Beyond just being a code requirement, fire alarm, sprinkler and suppression systems require regular maintenance. Our technicians are qualified to test and inspect systems manufactured by most manufacturers, giving building engineers the peace of mind that their life safety systems will respond as designed should an event occur. Customized testing reports, listing any potential issues, insure that the building’s long term life safety requirements are maintained. Avoid expensive replacements and repairs by letting our experts test and inspect the systems regularly.

Should a routine test uncover system issues, or should a life safety system emergency occur, Alarm Tech Solutions’ staff of service technicians are available to resolve the situation.  From routine maintenance to emergency outages, our technicians are trained to repair systems from many of today’s manufacturers. Building engineers can rely on Alarm Tech Solutions to be onsite as quickly as needed, and to make any repairs necessary to bring the system back online.

Suppression systems and fire extinguishers are integral parts of many buildings’ overall life safety plans, and Alarm Tech Solutions is there when needed for these systems as well.  We service a vast number of pre-action and clean agent systems.  We also offer onsite fire extinguisher inspection and service, utilizing state-of-the-art mobile extinguisher repair vehicles.

Sprinkler systems are a primary line of defense for many buildings once as event occurs, and Alarm Tech Solutions is there to provide expert service on these systems as well.  Our technicians are equipped to deal with all types of systems, wet or dry, in order to keep the systems in condition to perform when needed.

Our outstanding services provides our customers the confidence of knowing their buildings are properly protected. Alarm Tech Solutions places a high priority on quality products, and we want every customer to experience the quality care they deserve.

Manufacturing Partners

We are proud to represent the following manufacturers:


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