Installing a reliable intercom is an important investment for safety and communication!

Many businesses, multi-family buildings, and residential homes have added intercoms as a quick and efficient way to communicate in a building, both inside and out. Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC makes sure each customer receives a quality intercom product installed by one of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians.

Advances in technology have helped intercoms become a common safety feature in hospitals, businesses, and residential buildings. Intercoms enable communication between individuals before permitting building entry or between secured environments within an institution.

Our technicians can quickly and easily install an intercom system for clients’ convenience and security. Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC installs a range of intercom products. Basic intercoms permit verbal communication between two parties from a distance and include a buzzer latch for building entry. Basic systems are common in apartment complexes where voice identification and building entry needs are simple. More advanced systems include video communication and recording options for additional security.

Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC’s technicians are trained to install both wired and wireless intercoms for yhe interior and or exterior of the building. It can be a stand-alone system or integrated into a larger security network. We design and install the product that is most cost-effective and best meets the specifications of our client. Our technicians work one-on-one with clients so they understand how to use each intercom product properly. Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC can install new intercoms, repair damaged or malfunctioning intercoms, maintain existing systems, and upgrade older systems.

Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC is equipped to install large and small intercom systems. We meet with clients to assess their building’s needs and the different intercom products available. Intercoms provide many security benefits, and our experts are prepared to meet with clients to discuss each product’s communication and security features.

Since 1996, Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC has provided excellent customer service and quality safety products. Contact us today to find out more about the intercom products we offer!

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