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Alarm Tech Solutions offers access control and CCTV systems designed for maximum flexibility with unsurpassed quality.

Every building owner faces individual, unique access control requirements that require customized solutions.  Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC offers access control products so building managers can control and restrict who has access to various parts of a building. Access control products range from basic systems that use passwords or pin numbers to advanced security systems with fingerprint and retina recognition technology.

For added security, Alarm Tech Solutions suggests considering CCTV cameras in and around any residential or commercial building. Video cameras transmit images from multiple locations, in both hard wired and wireless configurations, to a single location where the buildings security staff can monitor the images and record them for future reference. Advanced CCTV systems also include added security features, such as motion detection and low light/night vision capability.

Our experts meet with building owners one-on-one to understand customer needs before recommending a product. Understanding the unique security challenges of each building enables experts to recommend and design access control and CCTV systems that both meet the design expectations and offer a cost-effective option for the owner. Additionally, our technicians will install the system and ensure the customer understands how to operate the CCTV system.

Our trained technicians are equipped to perform large and small installation jobs and entire system maintenance services. Maintaining cameras and access control panels helps to eliminate the risk of a breach in security. Speaking with a knowledgeable technician or account manager will help customers determine the best security features at the most cost-effective price.

Alarm Tech Solutions has been dedicated to providing excellent customer service since its founding in 1996. Call today to learn more about our access control and CCTV product and installation services.

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